This website is hosted on the GuyNet home server project operated and adminstered by Kieran Burling from the IP address in Egham, Surrey.
This project hosts a variety of web services including anonymising proxies, trolling proxies, cloud facilities and VPN gateways. GuyNet has a little sleep between 2:30AM and 7:30AM GMT to conserve power (everyone needs a rest every now and then), so during this time the domain will only be available as a cached copy hosted by the backup server DeepThought.

I aim to keep uptime as reliable as possible, but every now and then I'll break something or a hard drive will crash or someone will unplug something, but hopefully this won't be too much of a disruption!

The GuyNet home server project is heavily reliant on a variety of open source software projects, including Ubuntu and ZFS. Network infrastructure is managed with DD-WRT.

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